Wenzel Nursery

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We love rock and have all sorts for all sorts of purposes.

  • Flagstone / Stepping Stone / Drywall Stack
    • Pennsylvania Bluestone – a blue/grey sandstone – craftable yet holds up well over time.
    • Quartzite – generally graded into whites, golds and mesquite. Also tumbled, comes in ¾”, 1 1/4” and 1-2” thick.
    • Whiskey Trail Slate – several thickness grades, lots of tans and rust colors.  Somewhat layered in composition (minor de-lamination).
    • Mission Creek Slate – several thickness grades, more grey coloration with some tans/rust.  Less de-lamination than most slates.
  • Landscape Boulders
    • Rip Rap – the native basalt, 8”-24” boulders, used for everything from drywall stack to water features to accent-piece boulders.
    • Columnar Basalt – 12” diameter, 1-7 foot long, can be core drilled for fountains, or often used in clusters for accent-piece rock.
    • Basalt Dish Rock – concave tops that hold water.  Great on its own in the landscape or in fountains (core-drilled or not).
    • Granite – small and large boulders generally with lichen, great for water features or general landscape boulders.
    • Turquoise Quartzite – all sizes and shapes of turquoise colored landscape rock.